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Erika + Hunter | Athenaeum Wedding, Pasadena, CA

I LOVE my job! It’s as simple as that… to be able to have a front row seat while witnessing and capturing some of life’s most precious moments is truly an honor. A wedding has everything that is truly cherished in life: amazing friends, loving family and true commitment (the ultimate act of love).

That being said, when Erika and Hunter invited me to document their wedding I was ecstatic. I wasn’t too surprised however, as I really felt a good connection when we met in the studio, which for me is essential. The wedding ceremony and party were both held at The Athenaeum Club in Pasadena, CA which is really like a 2nd home for me these days. I always enjoy the phenomenal vendors and professionals that I get to work with on an Athenaeum wedding.

The wedding day unfolded with strong emotion and a sense that this was a very special day on many levels. I think my favorite aspect was just anticipating (and capturing) those real, natural moments of interaction between the bride and groom.

I had the pleasure of working with planner Emma Petievich who guided the day along with a friendly, steady hand. Also, catering manager Dior Chase created an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication, as always.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

Danny Baker


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