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Epic Outtakes

For me, capturing stunning imagery is serious business…most of the time! The following images are a random selection of “Epic Outtakes.”  Have fun checking out some behind the scenes images of myself, my team and a few others  🙂

3Pin Image

 If I’m not rolling around on the ground, balancing on things or doing partial splits then I probably don’t have a camera in my hands.

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My friend (and associate photographer) Greg and I hitting  the “Whooah!” portion of  “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Occasionally you’ve just gotta sing.

4Pin Image

Kyle is single which provides great opportunity for embarrassment 🙂

5Pin Image

That time I banged my camera against my forehead while shooting a wedding for a reality televisions show, OY!

6Pin Image

Myself and Kyle on the left and Peter Garr on the right… definitely a throwback!

9Pin Image

The Ennabe Sisters! I’ve photographed 3 out of 5. Number 4 coming next year.

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Not sure if I want to laugh or cry here.

15Pin Image

No comment.

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8Pin Image

Some fun times! Beautiful brides Melissa & Kimberly above and a handful of other fun wedding moments.

11Pin Image

Did I mention Kyle is single?!

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