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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Ben’s Bar Mitzvah

In late April I received a phone call from a very friendly mom that spoke with a charming Southern twist. From just a few moments into our conversation I could tell that I really liked Lainnie and

Sarah & Andrew’s Engagements

A few days ago on a rainy weekend in SoCal I traveled to Laguna Beach, CA with my good friend Neil Johnson to photograph Sarah & Andrew’s engagement session. Sarah had expressed to me her

Melissa & Sean ‘s Engagements

I’m really excited to share this story! I met Melissa in my studio several months ago and immediately I realized that I REALLY wanted to shoot her wedding. I think our meeting lasted a couple

Melissa & Bryan’s Engagements

On a beautiful afternoon recently I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours with Melissa Abarca & Bryan Willis. This was an engagement session that I was VERY excited about shooting…

Jennie & Joe’s Engagements

I had the an amazing time spending the afternoon with Jennie & Joe a few days ago! I had been looking forward to capturing fun images of their engagement session for quite awhile now. From my