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Baby Dominic

There’s something about newborn babies I love to photograph! Actually, a lot of things… the tenderness, newness, fragility and small, intricate baby parts are a few things that come to mind! I also love capturing the unique intimacy between a mother and her baby (and family). I recently spent some time one afternoon with the Alex, Mike, Matthew and new addition, Dominic at their Simi Valley home. Over the last several years, I’ve had the privilege of photographing some of Alex & Mike’s “life milestones,” including their wedding and numerous family sessions… so when Alex called to schedule this session, I was ecstatic!

One of the more “popular” images (see top image below) occurred while grabbing some shots of Alex & Dominic. Alex had just warned me of the possible repercussions of a naked baby on my backdrop. I’m never really all that concerned with that as my primary objective is getting the shot. The sequence occurred in slow motion it seemed and I was almost tempted to put my camera down and help… but I’m really happy I just kept shooting! Aren’t you?!  🙂

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Danny Baker

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