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Hi there, I’m Danny! Thank you for spending your time browsing images, learning more about the studio and of course… myself. Since photography is such a relational, interactive process, I know how important it can be to get a feel for the person “behind the lens.” Admittedly, it’s a somewhat difficult task to write about oneself, but hopefully, this section gives you a better feel for me personally and why I absolutely LOVE what I do!

On the personal end, I’m a happily married father to 4 (yes 4) kiddos. My wife and I have been blessed with 2 older boys and 2 younger girls. Our newest daughter, Livia, was just recently born in June and has been a huge blessing to our lives. Of course anybody that has children (or knows children) is aware of the time and energy needed on a daily basis. Translation: plenty of coffee needed these days!

Photography is a way for me to connect to other people. It really is a bridge! I strive to invest my time, energy and talent into capturing timeless and fleeting moments for my clients. Creating and cultivating relationships… and ultimately trust, is the key ingredient for me to capturing relaxed, fun and moving images. And ultimately, in it’s simplest form… it’s just fun pushing the button!

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My beautiful Family

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Baby Livia

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