Calamigos Ranch Wedding Photography

I love photographing weddings.

A wedding is truly a summary of so many human emotions. In an era of unrelenting noise and distractions and where life breezes by at the speed of light. A wedding provides a short reprieve where we can embrace, reflect and dream about what the future beholds... and I have the privilege and honor of being invited to document such an incredible day.

Of course loving something doesn't always translate into talent, skill and professionalism. Epic Imagery is a studio over 15 years in the making. Our aim from the beginning has been to go above & beyond to provide the most "epic" images possible coupled with a fun, relaxing and beneficial experience for all involved. At it's heart, Epic Imagery is a boutique studio. Unlike other high-volume based operations, we focus on a relatively small amount of clients (approx. 20 weddings per year). This is a conscious choice that allows us to focus on providing a high-end, customized and very personalized service for our wedding clients. 

For myself as an individual and as a studio, that personal service mentioned above is really another way of saying: relationships. From the very first email or phone call and naturally progressing to a studio consult, I seek to develop threads of connection and learn more about them as individuals and together as a couple. Throughout this natural "give and take," we eventually chat about their wedding and the various services I can offer, of course. But initially it's really about laying the relational groundwork for the potential journey ahead. 

The art of wedding photography is so much more than simply taking pictures at a wedding. There are several key facets that I truly believe are non-negotiable skills when it comes to this craft. The ground floor of any relationship, business or personal, is honesty. I seek to run a business that is rooted in integrity. I understand and respect that a client chooses to engage me with their business. This is a wonderful responsibility, so to speak. I truly wish to "do right by them" while exceeding their photography expectations in the process. 

Hand in hand with the tenet of integrity, is my desire to conduct Epic Imagery with professionalism. From emails, brief interactions, meetings and of course the wedding itself, representing Epic Imagery in a professional manner is of utmost importance. Dependability is also a trait that is so essential for a wedding photographer. There is a comfort knowing that once you book Epic Imagery, you can rest easy. We are fully committed to not just "show up" with a camera for your wedding, but that we truly strive to pour ourselves into your unique day with creativity, confidence, humor, gratitude and skill.

If you, a friend of loved one are in need of professional photographer, I would love the opportunity to simply chat or perhaps meet in the studio regarding your special event! Please let me know how I can exceed YOUR expectations! You can email me directly at danny@epicimagery.com, give me a ring at: 818-832-2700 or simply fill out the contact form here. 

Danny Baker

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