My name is Danny Baker and I am the owner and primary photographer of Epic Imagery. You may be wondering: “Who or what is Epic Imagery?” Well, great question! Epic Imagery is more than a person; more than a business. Ultimately it’s a passion. It’s an obsession to capture the most enduring, unique and mind-blowing imagery available. In a word: Epic.

Epic Imagery is photography studio founded in 1997 in Los Angeles, CA. Over the years we have forged a reputation as a reliable, skilled and accomplished source of professional imagery for today's wedding world. When we are commissioned on a wedding, we take this honor very seriously; understanding that the trust placed in our hands is a tremendous responsibility. What we don’t take seriously is the spirit and tone of the shoot. We truly strive for a lighthearted, playful and FUN experience!!!

Epic Imagery specializes in many facets of professional photography: wedding, engagement, portrait and commercial to name a few. That being said, you’ll notice that weddings are the primary emphasis of this site… and for good reason! Weddings are truly THE driving passion. Period.

On a personal level, I am a happily married father of four wonderful kids while living the dream in sunny, Southern California! My beautiful wife Allena and I have been married for 13 wonderful years. When she’s not wrangling the kiddos, tackling mountains of laundry and cooking for a small army, she helps with some of the day-to-day production and marketing at our Northridge, CA studio.  

Photography is not only a profession, but also a hobby for me. I love capturing fleeting moments of my kids, taking still-life images of random things and the occasional California sunset. I’m also an avid gardener, golfer and amateur comedian when the moment strikes!

On the professional end, I've been working as a photographer for around 20 years. I've worked with some of the best in the industry and this rich history (and resulting skill-set) truly sets me apart in the cluttered world of wedding photography. Of course having this substantial experience is a great thing, but ultimately it's about the connections I have with people and how I serve them with my camera.

Relationships are at the "heart & soul" of our studio. Achieving a strong level of rapport with my clients really helps lay the foundation for a successful working dynamic. After establishing that vital thread of connection, I truly put everything into the idea of "exceeding expectations." Regardless of the type of event, my overall aim is to provide my clients with stunning imagery coupled with a TRULY enjoyable and rewarding journey. Please take the time to browse the site and learn more about myself and some of the work offered. Thank you again for stopping by! 

Danny Baker

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